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Listed below are some things to think about while creating a character for Dark Shadows: The Next in Line.  There are helpful hints,  things to think about,  and planning for your character(s).

1.  Having your character fit into the sim.

1a.  Will your character be related to anyone?
- Think about having your character be related to the Collinses
- Talk with another member to have your characters be related

1b.  Occupation:  You don't have to have a character related to another,  however an occupation is always a good way to have your character fit in and interact.
- Have a character work at one of the hot spots (listed in basics)
- Have a character work on the Collins estate
- Have a character work for the Collinsport Police
- Have a character work as a doctor or lawyer of the Collinses

2.  Good or Bad?

2a.  Reasoning:  Anyone can be a good guy,  but to be bad is something that takes reason.  Most bad guys are what they are because of being fueled by one of the following (in most cases):
- Jealousy
- Greed
- Love
- Hate
- Boredom:  For some,  just having powers means nothing if you can't have a little fun with them now and then.

2b.  Powers?  With power comes responsibility.  Powers or no powers?  It is a rule that you cannot have your character mess with powers or special abilities until three months after you become a member.  However,  upon membership you will have to decide if your character is one of the following:
- Human (No special abilities,  no potential for abilities or change)
- Sensitive to magic (witch / warlock potential)
- Sensitive to emotion (psychic potential)
- Potential  (giving permission to let your character be changed)

3.  Why Collinsport?

3a.  Is your character from Collinsport?  If not,  and he or she is coming to Collinsport,  what is their reason for doing so?

3b.  Perhaps your character would be coming to Collinsport for one of these reasons:
- Come to open a business
- Come to work for the Collins family
- Running to a small town from secrets from your past
- Contacted by a presence from beyond,  being called to assist it