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Listed below are basic facts that you should know about the world of The Next in Line.  The information below would be common knowledge to anyone coming to Collinsport or living in Collinsport,  Maine.

1.  In 1669,  Isaac Collins came from England and founded Collinsport.

2.  The town of Collinsport is located between Logansport (to the North) and Frenchman's bay (to the South).

2a.  Collinsport Hotspots:
- Blue Whale Pub
- Collinsport Inn
- Collinsport Diner (attatched to the inn's lobby)

3.  David Collins is the current master of the Collins estate.  He is not the mayor of the town,  but does own most of the major businesses.

3a.  Collins Enterprises consists of:
- Collinsport's largest fishing fleet
- Collinsport's largest canneries
- Largest bank in Collinsport
- International real estate company  (Property outside of Maine includes England,  the Carribean,  Canada,  and most areas of the continental United States).

3b.  Collins family has a lot of influence over companies they do not own,  as well.  Because they are so wealthy,  most businesses depend on their support to live.

4.  Rumors in Collinsport about the Collins family have been going around for centuries.  Strange ocurrances at Collinwood cannot go completely unnoticed.

4a.  Common Rumors:
- Incest in the Collins family
- Connections to some murders in the past
- Collinsport haunted

5.  The Collins Estate sits just north of town deep within the woods between Collinsport and Logansport.  

5a.  Places on the estate:
- Collinwood:  Mansion built in 1795,  home to Collins family.
- Old House:  Mansion built in 1669,  original Collinwood,  now vacant.
- Greenhouse:  Self explainitory
- Stables: Self explainitory.
- Swimming Pool:  Self explainitory.
- Guesthouses:  Four average-sized homes spread across estate.
- Cottages:  Six small homes for groundskeepers and other staff.

5b.  Other Places:
- Widows' Hill:  Name of the hill that Collinwood sits on.  The cliffs at Widows' Hill overlook the Atlantic.  In the 17th and 18th centuries,  widows of sailors lost at sea would plunge to their deaths to reuinte in the sea with their lost loves.