Welcome to Dark Shadows: The Next in Line.  The sim is based on the gothic drama that ran from 1966-71.  Two movied (House of Dark Shadows,  Night of Dark Shadows) have been released and some of the show's actors have been the authors of several books based on the series.  Some critics say that,  eventhough it only ran a little less than five years,  Dark Shadows crossed all the lines and took enormous risks to introduce new ideas to a wide range of audiences.  From ages seven to seventy,  Dark Shadows has had a vast number of fans.  Since its first episode in the summer of 1966,  Dark Shadows has never gone off the air.  From ABC to PBS and,  now,  to the Sci-Fi channel Dark Shadows has lived strong over the past 30+ years and doesn't look like its ever going to fade out.  FOX cable network is currently undergoing plans for a new series.

The sim has been modernized with original and intriguing characters and intricate plots.  You don't even have to know anything about Dark Shadows to join!  So become a part of the Collins family or a citizen of the New England fishing port of Collinsport,  Maine and experience the amazing supernatural drama that is Dark Shadows.